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    A collection of ritualistic sensual care designed to be showcased rather than concealed.

    With a cinematic sensibility that conjures an alluring and sensual atmosphere, our creations are steeped in themes of seduction, ritual, and the complex interplay of pleasure. Bruxa is dedicated to crafting exquisite pieces that amplify the sensual experience while paying homage to the human form and the timeless desire for profound connection. Our offerings are a testament to the sensual self, the art of the erotic and the esoteric impact it can have on our senses, bodies, and relationships.

    What we put onto and into our body matters. Our approach is grounded in the belief that like food, topical and internal products are an essential aspect of our health, and products should be made in consideration of their impact on our bodies. BRUXA products are formulated from 100% natural ingredients. We source a large range of Australian plant life and global botanicals to heighten sensual moments & treat the body. A way to honour the sensual self, focusing on a more intentional approach to sexual wellness.



    Our formulations are designed, thoughtfully formulated and bottled by hand in Melbourne, Australia. We work closely with our team of chemists, herbalists & sexologists to ensure a nutrient-dense range that focuses on efficacy. We are committed to offering highly-effective formulations taking inspiration from ancient rituals and remedies. Our collection is completely free of toxins, fillers, and synthetic chemicals.



    • Recyclable & bio-degradable packaging (excluding pumps and oil inserts, we are in the process of sourcing new materials to omit the use of plastics)

    • Non toxic, natural ingredients

    • Local, controlled quantity manufacturing to ensure minimal waste

    • Vegan-Friendly Certified

    • Cruelty-Free Certified

    • Local ingredient supplier, wherever possible Minimum distance supply chain


    “This would-be taboo industry has always fascinated me. Growing up in rural Australia left me with little choice of entertainment. However, come midnight, cue a menu of French erotica films. I was besotted with the cinematic sensibilities, the mood, nonchalant sex appeal, musical scores and nuanced suspense. But when I came of age and began to explore the world of eroticism I was bamboozled with low budget pornography, mass-produced high-vis sex toys, only the male gaze and an unhealthy dose of shame.”


    “For years, these were the questions I would constantly ask myself. Why can’t a lubricant be just as beautiful as a fragrance and made with the same level of care as luxury skincare? Why can’t sex toys be classed as erotic art and proudly be on display? And why can’t eroticism be celebrated as an art form that brings us closer to authentic connection and true intimacy? Born from these questions, today, BRUXA is the intersection between art, sexual wellness and clean beauty. A homage to you, the discerning, curious individual.”

    Founder, Madelene Kadziela.