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    Explore the potent allure of shared erotic literature and discover a realm where passion, desire, and unbridled imagination intertwine, elevating foreplay to new heights of intimacy and pleasure.

    Turn the pages, feel the rough grain of your book, and revel in the ecstasy of reading tales of seduction aloud....

    Reading erotic prose with your beloved can be a transformative element in fostering an intimately fulfilling experience. Venturing into the realm of erotic literature creates a sanctuary where couples' carnal desires and untamed fantasies are explored, free from hesitation. 

    By reciting sensual words to your partner, you create an atmosphere of allure, nurturing a profound connection both emotionally and physically.

    How to set the scene:

    If you know us well at BRUXA, you'll note our obsession with setting the mood. Creating a sensual atmosphere is key to elevating any intimate experience. To this end, select a room with plush, tactile surfaces, likened to a bedroom, this will create what the Danish term "Hygge" – an ambience of profound coziness. 

    Illumination; lower the lights - ushering in the warm embrace of dimmed lights and, of course candlelight! Add as many candles as you like, but just enough so you can see the pages and each other's eyes. 

    Now scent; we spoke about candles, some of my favourite scented candles are from Cire Trvdon, one of the oldest candle-making houses in France boasting a large selection of highly fragrant candles. Alternatively, you can incorporate incense or an oil diffuser. 

    Sound; In the realm of auditory gratification, it's important to note that your voice shall serve as the most potent aphrodisiac. That said, some soft jazz or textural tracks can enhance your words, crafting a prelude that foreshadows upcoming narratives (this also takes away the pressure of holding up the whole show - I've been there). Bonus points if you have some vinyl handy — adding a layer of sensorial texture like a record playing, can further promote sensory amplification.

    Find the right book:

    The realm of personal preference in matters of arousal & literature is nuanced, where individual tastes diverge in captivating ways. However, here are just some of my favourite authors that might intrigue...

    01 Anaïs Nin: A maestro of the erotic written word, Anaïs Nin's works resonate with a depth of passion and introspection that can enrapture the most discerning of readers.

    02 Catherine Millet: Renowned for her candid exploration of human desire, Catherine Millet's literary offerings delve into the complex, multifaceted & even grotesque nature of carnality.

    03 Sylvia Day: An icon in contemporary romance literature, Sylvia Day's narratives artfully balance passion and emotion, weaving tales of intense desire.

    04 Anne Stuart: While some may deem her prose as having a touch of the "cheesy," Anne Stuart has cultivated a dedicated following with her ability to infuse passion and allure into her storytelling.

    Don't overlook tactility:

    You've now created a sumptuous and sensual space, don't reach for that phone or tablet! Instead, opt for a tangible book (not an e-book). The caressing of pages as they turn, that subtle rustling sound as one leaf brushes against the next possesses an innate ability to elevate the atmosphere and intensify the tension. This is an experience that transcends the digital domain and binds you intimately to the present & unfolding narrative.

    You may not finish the chapter: 

    Whether you reach the end of your chapter, the book or the first page, it really doesn't matter. What truly matters is your willingness to venture on a journey of connection and intimacy; both with your partner and, most importantly, yourself. Remember to hold space of receptivity and presence, for through these qualities you can unlock the concealed recesses of desire, cultivating a ritual that will last as a steadfast conduit to the uncharted depths of passion, together and individually.